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Ohmyboba serve the highest quality high mountain USDA Organic teas and coffee. We are coffee, tea, and seafood importing company since 2004. The expertise and experience we gained, and the passion we have for coffee and tea help us to form a unique milk tea and coffee retail subsidiary.We use a widest varieties of USDA Certified Organic Teas and Coffee.​We also use: USDA Organic Cane Sugar. USDA Organic Barista Milk. Organic ingredients will boost your taste up a notch and are much better for your health. We have gone far beyond to search for the best and healthiest ingredients from every corner of the world just for you.
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We are in Soft Reopening and building up our menu again. The menu you see below isn’t up to date yet. You will see the current menu and price on our Order Now page. Thanks for all your support.

The Milkyway (Super Famous at Oh My Boba)

This drink included our very famous Fresh Produced USA boba cooked 7 steps with the black sugar which make the softness and chewyness just right. We use only Straus Barista Milk this is the highest grade barista milk for this drink which only been use for very high end coffee shops.

Pretty Lady Coffee

This coffee is a very smooth coffee since we combine the goodness from both world. The aroma and flavor from high mountain Organic Arabica in this milk coffee is just better than you can imagine. At the bottom we have added A potent dose of antioxidant from fresh brewed organic Hibiscus tea so your everyday coffee drink is not just a good coffee but it can also help to protect your skin and your health.
USDA Organic Arabica Coffee + Organic Hibiscus Flower + Organic Cane Sugar + OMB Milk Cream USA

Fresh Mung Bean Milk

Fresh cooked mung bean using our 7 steps technique added real fresh pandan leaves releasing the so good natural aroma in each sip.

Mango Sunrise

As any other drink Oh My Boba produce this drink using fresh brew organic hibiscus tea with potent antioxidant we added the fresh mango bits and fresh brew per cup green tea on top so you can satisfy your tea crave as well as intake more antioxidant and vitamin from the hibiscus flowers and fresh fruit.

Mint Mojito

This Drink is for a very calm and relax genuine tea lovers who look for a refreshing tea. A calm aroma of the mint leaves and lemon peels inside the fresh brewed per cup Organic greem tea bring out a very refreshing and relax calming feeling that really can not be described with words. Sugar used in this drink is also Cane Sugar Organic.

Unicorn Galaxy

This drink is also very famous at Oh My Boba which people at all ages have loved the taste of lychee in the healthy mix of high antioxidant butterfly flowers and fresh honey lemon.

Love You Soy Matcha

This Drink is a very lovely drink for a lovely person. Oh My Boba master barista have crafted this drink dedicated for a very special one. Starting out the cup with beautiful red hearts represent love. Added the white smooth soy milk represent purity and innocent, green organic japapan konomi matcha on top stand for abundance and grow. A beautiful drink mean a wonderful love that is pure and never stop growing under the beautiful sunlight.

Avocado Shake

Well this might look like an average avocado drink but at Oh My Boba it is absolutely not. We pack the whole avocado in each of your drink so you can enjoy the real deal not fake powdery stuffs. Oh My Boba buy very fresh avocado and each drink our staffs will select which one is at perfect ripe and cut it out to craft your drink. It look simple but why not many places do it first of all is costly, secondly is time consuming. Why Oh My Boba doing this is because our philosophy is freshness and healthy. We want our customers to consume only best of best and taking no short cut.

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